Today I found out that life is amazing
such that I found 2 completely unrelated people.....
...... so damn alike.


Real, true friends stick with you through everything. 
When you change, they stay, 
knowing that somewhere deep in your heart you treasure the friendship. 
When you leave them, they won’t feel offended, 
because knowing that you’ll always need a friend whenever you feel down. 
They aren’t like other friends, who just says “I’ll always be there for you”,
but in the end leaves you when you’re not yourself. 
Even after months, years, of not meeting, 
you’ll talk about the same things you used to talk about, just be how things were.
 They understand you, even if they don’t, they’ll pretend they do, 
but sooner or later would brush it off because, they know that, 
friendship is much better than following their own feelings. 
Friends like this last forever.

Awesomez no matter what (Y)

Badminton is like the most awesome sport ever!!!!! Finally Sermin and I went to play badminton @ UHBC after at least a month and played for 3 hours straight woooooh. So long since I played badminton for so long, the feeling's damn greaaaat.

My racket string broke and I think I slightly pulled my ankle ligament, but who cares, it's worth it cuz I enjoyed myself nevertheless!!!! :)